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Request a Free Consultation to Discuss Your WorkCover Savings Strategy

Tactium are a team of Melbourne-based WorkCover consultants serving employers all across Victoria

With over 20 years experience in workers compensation, the WorkCover consultants at Tactium are helping employers reduce the time and money spent on WorkCover insurance and workplace injuries.

Our team’s experience spans WorkCover agents, employer-based roles, allied health and high-end consulting.

Through our focussed consulting services, training workshops and the groundbreaking book WorkCover that Works written by our Managing Director Mark Stipic, Tactium has helped hundreds of businesses and decision-makers achieve their strategic and financial goals.

  1. 20 Years Experience
    True specialists, our consultants are the most knowledgable and connected professionals in WorkCover
  2. Fast Response Time
    We commit fully to doing whatever it takes to help our clients including hyper-responsive phone and email support
  3. Clear Cost Savings
    Your return on investment is constantly measured and communicated so you know exactly the value you’re getting

Premium Reduction

Around 50% of employers pay too much WorkCover insurance. You want to pay the correct amount and no more.

That’s where we come in.

On completion of the audit our clients often receive refunds on prior years’ premiums.​ In fact…

If You Don’t Receive A Refund, We Don’t Charge A Fee

Prevent and resolve WorkCover Claims

Deal with complex cases, prevent workplace injuries and fix the culture around WorkCover.

If managing injuries and claims feels painful to you then you have an opportunity to improve your situation, saving time and money.

You might have one problem case or a company-wide claims culture. No matter how difficult your problem feels, if you’re committed to the solution, we’ll make it happen.

Request a Consultation to Discuss Your WorkCover Savings Strategy

Take advantage of a free consultation with the #1 name in WorkCover

We’ll help you understand your current situation, your needs, and how to achieve your goals.